Monday, September 26, 2011

Steely Dan!

I have neglected my blog, once again.
My office has entered it's busiest time of the year
and I have been putting in long days then heading
to the gym to complete less than stellar workout sessions.
What a difference stress makes!!

I did however have a FANTASTIC date with my
husband last Tuesday night.
Paul and I went out with two other couples and
saw STEELY DAN at the BEACON!!

They were playing a week of concerts and
each night they played a different album.
Of course, the night we went, they played
The Royal Scam
and I knew ZERO songs from it.
That's okay. I like them and like the music.
once they finished the album it was like they
started a second concert.
They played all these songs I knew, such as
Hey Nineteen
and my favorite....Reelin In the Years!!
It was AWESOME!!!
The theater was full of aging hippies...and yuppies.
There was a huge guy sitting behind Paul who had
long gray hair and just kept yelling out
YEAH!!!!! every few minutes all through the concert.
the same YEAH over and over and over again.
It never varied, same pitch, volume. Same YEAH!
Every time he stood up, he kneed Paul in the head so
sometimes it was...
"YEAH, oh sorry man. YEAH!"
I think I got a contact high.
Seriously, it was like it was right on
top of us, but those people were smooth, you never saw anyone
smoking. Maybe they were piping the smoke in through the air vents.
The best part was this:
THAT is the line for the men's room.
Tell me, have you ever seen anything like that??
Well, most of the the people at the concert were men
and they were drinking - a lot.
Hence the line.
There was NO LINE for the ladies room.
Women were just running in there because they could!
We'd come back from a bathroom run and say to some woman - "Hey, no line!"
And she'd say, "Great, I'll just go because I can!"
It was a great night.


Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

Glad you had a great time! YEAH!


Sounds like FUN!!!!!


Hiedi said...

OMG!!! I love Steely Dan. I am SO jealous.