Saturday, April 19, 2008

Favorite Things and Chomper Update

I feel pretty rotten.
I have a sinus infection, plus the chomper thing.
I thought I was on the mend but woke up this
morning feeling worse.
I can't stand this!
So I decided to focus on a few new favorite things.

These are THE BEST tissues when you have a stuffy nose.
They are THE WORST tissues when your eyes are runny or teary.
Trust me, they burn. However, I like the smell so I'm taking my chances.

I call this my "Hippie Top"
Wore it to school.
Thought it would make me feel pretty and
give me a break from
feeling like crap from this SINUS INFECTION.
Got lots of compliments.
One 7th grader asked me where I got it. He wants to get
it for his mother for Mother's Day.

Essie Berry Hard Nail Polish
Looks nice with my flip flops.
Yes, I'm wearing flip flops.
It's been warm here and I HAVE A SINUS INFECTION.
Summer colds suck!!!

Chomper Update:
Well, many of you have asked just how I hurt my tooth.
I have TMJ which means my jaw goes out of whack sometimes.
I was just chewing something, can't even remember what
and my jaw just smashed my teeth together.
Yes, nice visual I know.
Well, it started bothering me yesterday so I called the wonderful
Dr. K who said if the pain increases to the point of unbearable
by morning, I'll need a root canal.
I made it to morning, no more pain so I didn't think about it.
Dr. K called me at home on his day off to see how I was doing.
How great is he???!!!!
(Yes Mark, your dad is terrific.)
....and I have a SINUS INFECTION!


Curly Glamour Girlie said...

That top is great. I need a whole new wardrobe. I fit into the pre-Lucas clothes, but now they looks so shabby.

Sorry about your tooth. And your sinus infection. Tom had a bad nasty cold and swore by the Affrin nose spray he tried. He said it was "gross, but really worked".

Kerry said...

sinus infections suck but TMJ sucks worse!! I hop you are starting to feel better!

FlipFlop Mom said...

GOSH!! sorry you're feeling sick!! :( and your teeth are feeling BLUCK!!

The shirt is really adorable though!! I have to agree!! and what a sweetie 7th grader you have.. !! He must have thought you looked ADORABLE in it.. to buy one for his mom!!! awww!!

Flipflops.. you know it girl!!! Now I have to use my tootsie pamper card my daughter bought me for Christmas!!

Monica said...

So sorry...I get sinus infections easily so I totally understand how you feel. Get better soon!

Anonymous said...

try a neti pot for your sinus infection

Jackie G said...

Well that's not good! I hope you start feeling better really really soon!! I really like your top!! It's very pretty!